Pro players

Alex Pagulayan

Nickname:The Lion /
Born:25 June 1978 /

2017 US Open 8-ball Champion,
2016 Derby City Classic All round Champion,
2005 US Open 9-ball Champion,
2004 WPA World 9-ball Champion

Signature Model

We use red for the pockets influenced by the Canadian and Filipino flags inspired by the player, Pagulayan. We also use gold for the body color from his nickname, “Lion”.
This let us imagine his bright character well.

Jeffrey de Luna

Nickname:The Bull /
Born:14 February 1984 /

2019 runnner-up of World Cup of Pool 2019,
2016 runnner-up of All Japan Championship,
2009 runnner-up of Philippines Open,
2007 Manny Pacquiao International 9-Ball Open Champion

Signature Model

This hard case uses his favorite colors of black and red.This vivid image cue case matches his bright character, and it can be carried backpack style.

Francisco Bustamante

Nickname:Django /
Born:29 December 1963 /

2018 Derby City Classic Master of the Table,
2010 WPA World 9-Ball Champion,
2006 World Cup of Pool (with Efren Reyes) Champion,
1998 World Pool Masters Champion

Signature Model

This cue case with a main black nylon section and brown pockets has natural feel. We can see his personality in his choices although he offers a soft case on purpose even there may be a lot of travel.

Lee Vann Corteza

Nickname:Van Van /
Born:01 March 1979 /

2017 World 14.1 Tournament Champion,
2013 China Open 9-ball Champion,
2010 US Open 10-Ball Champion,
 2006 All Japan Champion

Signature Model

The color, steel blue, on the pockets with brown fabric for the body is inspired by the player, Cortez, who likes chic colors. It came out very cool.

Johnny Archer

Nickname:Scorpion /
Born:12 November 1968 /

2006 International Challenge of Champions winner,
2003 Brunwick ProPlayers Champion,
1999 US Open 9-ball Champion,
1997 1992 WPA World 9-ball Champion

Signature Model

The bold coloring of this model is inspired by the American flag. It symbolizes the American top player, Archer.

Jeffrey Ignacio

Nickname:Cobra /
Born:05 July 1992 /

2015 US Bar Table 10-ball Champion,
2015 US Bar Table 8-Ball Champion,
2014 runner-up of China Open

Signature Model

This model has a navy camouflage jacquard fabric on the body and Bordeaux leather pockets with a matching colored zipper having a luxurious look.


Born:11 July 1997 /

2020 Kanto ladies open Champion,
2017 Japan open Champion,
2016 Kanto ladies open Champion,
2013 runnner-up of World Junior Championship

Signature Model

Here we have a hard case with navy as the base color and orange accents on the tapes and some parts.Very thoughtful color combination that can be used both by men and women.


Born:15 October 1993 /

2019 JBS Majesty cup Champion,
2019 runnner-up of All Japan 3Cushion Championship,
2014 Kanto band Champion

Signature Model

Using a bright sky blue nylon, partly a natural color of tanned leather. Optional lightweight, breathable air-mesh fabric on the inside is smart choice.